Mario Caroli | Works for cello – Elliott Carter
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Works for cello – Elliott Carter

About This Project

1. Sonata (for flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord) 2. A 6 Letter letter (for cello) 3. Enchanted Preludes (for flute and cello) 4. Sonata (for cello and piano) 5. Con leggerezza pensosa (for clarinet, violin and cello) 6. Canon (for 3 for three instruments in the same range – over-recorded cello) 7. Canon for 4 (for flute, bass clarinet, violin and cello) 8. Figment (for cello) 9. Elégie (for cello) 10. Figment II (for cello) 11. Elégie (for cello and piano)

Recorded at IRCAM in Paris, Espace de Projection, August 6th 2003. Sound designer: Arnaud Moral. Artistic direction: Alexis Descharmes. Other interpreters playing in the cd: Alexis Descharmes (cello), Sébastien Vichard (piano and harpsichord), Jean-Luc Menet (flute in the Sonata for fl, ob, cello and harps.), Hélène Devilleneuve (oboe), Nicolas Baldeyrou (clarinets), Nicolas Miribel (violin).

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