Mario Caroli | Warsaw Nr.6 (Autumn 2005)
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Warsaw Nr.6 (Autumn 2005)

About This Project

Mario Caroli, Flute – Cracow Percussion Group
48th International Contemporary Music festival – No code number

1. Fausto Romitelli: « Domeniche alla periferia dell’impero. Prima domenica » for four instruments* 2. Joji Yuasa: « Mai-Bataraki from A Ritual for Delphi » for flutes and percussions*** 3. Zaid Jabri « Glyptos » for flute and three percussionists.
Live recorded in Warsaw (Poland) at the 48th International Contemporary Music Festival « Warsaw Autumn 2005 », on September 18th, 2005 by Andrzej Rewak, Musicon
* Other performers are: Jan Cielecki (clarinets), Anna Sliwa (violin), Jan Kalinowski (cello)
** Polish premiere. Piece dedicated to Mario Caroli
*** World premiere. WA commission. Piece dedicated to Mario Caroli and the Cracow Percussion Group.